Let’s build software for robots! Robots can help us overcome the world’s vital challenges: changing climate, food production, nuclear responsibilities, exploring space, environmental monitoring, and liberating people from dangerous, dirty, and dull work.

Research Interests

The lab’s research interests focus on applying program analysis techniques to software that controls robots and senses and acts in the physical world. Check out our projects page for more details. This includes abstract type inference of physical unit types (like ‘meters-per-second’) with dataflow analysis, Probabilistic techniques for combining semantic information in identifiers (variable names) with code flow inference, and empirical measurements of how developers make decisions about robotic software, and how to connect program analysis with robotic simulation. We use program analysis and software testing that helps make systems safer and more reliable while remaining practical and economically efficient.


4 March, 2022

Paper on Xacros released on Arxiv.

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